Ready to upgrade your personal style and have fun doing it!?  

When’s the last time you made a change to your style and had a good time in the process? Often we'd rather just stick with what we know, but stretching our style doesn't have to be daunting. Sign up for the #stretchyourstylesimply challenge TODAY to upgrade your style one small step at a time!  

In this 5-DAY #stretchyourstylesimply challenge you will learn:  

  • How to set yourself up for success when making changes to your personal style
  • How taking little risks leads to big gains
  • How stretching your style can brighten up your look, your mood and your whole day!

PLUS: You’ll have the support of a community of people all stretching their style. It’s so much more fun when we do new things together!


Sol Reflection

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